Leadership and Life Lessons in the most unlikely places

A posting that I read today reminded me of unusual places where I have learned life lessons.  Over time I have had some interesting “mentors” in the form of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, the Who’s from Horton hears a Who, Ursula from the Little Mermaid, Wylie E. Coyote, and I could continue.

Think about it – you probably have floating around in your head little snippets of sage advice from a movie, a meme, cartoon, a little kid, or a sign in the grocery store.  These little snippets at times are more profound than volumes of Leadership or Self-Help books.  Another good read about life lessons is from Robert Fulghum – “All I ever needed to know I learned in kindergarten.”

The posting today was about a broken iPhone that helped the author think about being prepared not only for the next iPhone – but for her career.  I have found over time – that if we are willing to look at the humor of a situation or even just step back and consider the overall lesson – one can find great insight.

For example:  in my own personal life there have been serendipitous events that have resulted in finding the proper direction – i.e. the choice between engineering and fundamental science.  Chance meetings where ideas are planted and opportunities to share expand beyond initial comprehension. Real life demonstrations of flexibility and balance during presentations (the time when my children rearranged my slides on a talk about work/life balance).

I am sure that each person can point to events where looking back the event was simple – but the result profound.  The spark of insight helped to develop the course of your life.  These events need to be celebrated and recognized.


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